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Mobile Protection Features

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    A VPN keeps your connection safe while using wifi networks.

  • Zero-Phishing 

    Zero-Phishing is an anti-phishing feature that will block malicious downloads. Prevent phishing in all apps.

  • Advance Mobile Protection

    This feature secures your family's data across all mobile attack surfaces.

  • Operating System and Device Protection

    This feature detects advanced jailbreaking and rooting techniques. It detects potential OS exploits.

How it works

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Check your email for a unique ID code

Once you purchase a plan, a unique ID code will be send to your email. The ID code will be required to gain access to our app.

Go to your device's app store and download the Harmony Mobile App

Once the app is downloaded, you can plug in the unique ID code and begin feeling safe on your mobile device!

There is a plan made for everyone

Whether you are looking for a mobile protection plan for yourself, your family, or your business, we have a plan for you! Our Mobile Protection Plans are catered to your needs. All you need to do is pick the plan that suits your interests!

Keep your business safe

With the increasing dependence on technology, businesses are more vulnerable than ever. However, with CYBERONE Business Protection, your business can be fully secure, and you can focus on what truly matters: growing and maintaining your business!

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As a new mom and military spouse, I don't have time to research and
review every app that I download. With Cyber One Mobile Protection, all
my apps are scanned for viruses and data leaks so I know they are safe

I work with clients all over town and I depend on my tablet to schedule
appointments and complete applications for my clients. I need to make
sure the data I collect is safe and cannot fall into the wrong hands.
Cyber One with its Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes sure I am safely
connected and only accessing safe websites.

I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration and deals online. Lately, I
get a lot of messages and emails that seem strange with weird links. I
try and be careful, but it's easy to be tricked. I feel better knowing
the Cyber One Mobile Protection app reviews all links even if I click
them to make sure they are safe

  • Your phone is your most important device

    Phones are used for pretty much everything. Phones are used for checking emailing, shopping online, scrolling through social media, and communicating with our loved ones. Use your phone with the peace of mind of our mobile protection

  • What does "complete protection" mean to you?

    There are a variety of different mobile protection products available. However, none offer complete protection. CYBERONE provides all the tools needed to completely protect your device. With a VPN, anti-phishing services, advanced mobile protection, and operating system protections, your devices are covered in any and all attacks.

  • Cost less than 10 cents a day

    With purchasing CYBERONE mobile protection, you will be spending less than 10 cents a day per device for absolute protection on your most important device.