Enterprise/Business Mobile Protection


CYBER ONE Mobile provides the cutting edge security available to desktops, notebooks and networks to any mobile device. Your network can finally be completely secure.

Key features of CYBER ONE Mobile include:

  • Complete threat detection and mitigation
  • Advanced app analysis
  • Device vulnerability assessments
  • On-device network protection against Gen V threats
  • Anti-Phishing protection for all apps
  • Safe browsing through ThreatCloud
  • Infected devices immediately blocked from corporate network access
  • Anti-bot protection
  • URL Filtering
  • WiFi network security
  • Cellular surveillance protection 

 CYBER ONE Mobile can be deployed in minutes

The streamlined app provides zero interruption or intrusion into the mobile users experience.

CYBER ONE Mobile Features

Simple Management


Easy to Manage

A cloud-based and intuitive management console provides the ability to oversee mobile risk posture and set granular policies. CYBER ONE Mobile also expands your mobile app deployment security by giving administrators an application vetting service, allowing them to upload or link applications into the Dashboard and receive a full app analysis report within a few minutes. 


App Protection

CYBER ONE Mobile prevents malware from infiltrating employees’ devices by detecting and blocking the download of malicious apps in real-time.  Our unique Behavioral Risk Engine runs applications in a cloud-based environment to determine if an app is malicious, leveraging machine learning and AI, sandboxing, advanced static code flow analysis, anomaly detection, and app reputation among other techniques.

Network Protection

CYBER ONE Mobile offers a broad range of network security capabilities, including:

  • Anti-Phishing with Zero-Phishing: Blocks phishing attacks across all    apps, both from known and unknown zero-day phishing sites, and sites that use SSL
  • Safe Browsing: Blocks access to malicious sites from any web browser, leveraging the dynamic security intelligence provided by Check Point ThreatCloud™
  • Conditional Access: Blocks infected devices from accessing corporate applications and data, independent of UEM solutions
  • Anti-Bot: Detects bot-infected devices and automatically blocks communication to command and control servers
  • URL Filtering: Mark websites as "blocked" or "allowed", preventing access on any browser to websites deemed inappropriate by an organization's policies
  • Protected DNS: Allows administrator to manage and control all mobile device DNS preferences.  The service protects end user privacy and prevents MitM attacks, as well as DNS spoofing of plain text DNS messages
  • Wi-Fi Network Security: Detects malicious network behavior and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and automatically disables connections to malicious networks.

 OS and Device Protection

Ensures devices are not exposed to compromise with real-time risk assessments detecting attacks,

vulnerabilities, configuration changes, and advanced rooting and jailbreaking.

Easy-to-Implement, Scalable Mobile Security for any Type of Workforce

CYBER ONE Mobile integrates with any mobile management solution (MDM/UEM), supports any device-ownership program (BYOD, COPE) and device work settings. This makes the solution highly scalable, delivering operational and deployment efficiencies for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure. 


True Integrated Protection Across All Mobile Attack Surfaces

CYBER ONE Mobileprovides unmatched control for organizations seeking unparalleled mobile cybersecurity.  Through a user-friendly app and intuitive, cloud-based management console, you can take control of your mobile security for the first time.

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